“I went through a very difficult time in my life and ended up giving up exercise and putting on quite a bit of weight. Claudia helped me fall in love with exercise again, my diet has improved and I have been able to shed the extra kilos I had gained. Now I feel like a better version of my old self.”  Melanie S., 34

“I am a mother of 2 young children with a full time job which can be very stressful. For as long as I remember, I have suffered with low energy, high stress and anxiety. Claudia’s nutritional and lifestyle advice helped me to improve my energy and I no longer feel tired all the time. I can also cope with stress a lot better. Her encouragement has motivated me to lead a healthier lifestyle and I am happy I can also make better choices for my children.” Elizabeth L., 40 

“Claudia helped me move better. I struggled with stiffness and lack of strength and she designed a program for me that helped me function and perform daily activities better. I can now get up and down the stairs without difficulty and my quality of life has improved a lot.” Scott, 71

“I have used the services of other personal trainers in the past, but I feel Claudia really listened to my preferences and her program was spot on to suit my goals. I have got leaner and stronger. I now feel a lot more confident.” Fleur, 46

“I used to constantly suffer with bloating, discomfort and stomach pains, which have resolved after Claudia helped me with gut healing.  A huge plus was that my skin has also improved as I used to suffer with some acne and occasional eczema.” Patricia C., 25

“I“I suffered a health scare when my doctor told me that I had really high cholesterol and partial blockage on two arteries. Claudia helped me to lose 14kg and the blockage has completely reversed. My cholesterol and triglycerides levels are back to normal. In fact, I am now able to do physical activities I wasn’t able to do and exercise without any shortness of breath. I feel better than ever. ” Peter M., 61

“For years I have suffered with hormonal imbalances, from poor thyroid function, PCOS, terrible PMS, etc. My body felt completely out of balance as if nothing functioned properly. Claudia has helped me balance my hormones and improve my overall wellbeing. I have already been able to notice a huge difference in how I feel, my energy has improved and my thyroid seems to have woken up after so many years of low metabolic function. My PMS is much better and I have not had a migraine this month, which used to occur at least once a week. My PCOS also seems to be improving and our goal is to eventually get it under control. Claudia’s knowledge and support has been amazing and I feel truly encouraged to continue on this path to achieve optimum health.” Carol D., 27

“Claudia’s nutritional and lifestyle advice has helped me to improve my quality life. She helped me lose some much needed weight and I feel more energy than ever. I have even been able to stop taking two of my medications which I have been taking for years and now I no longer need them. ” Maggie S., 52

“Claudia has helped me lose weight which I struggled to lose for years because of my hormones and stress. The best part is that I have been able to keep the weight off which I never thought I could. Thanks Claudia!” Maureen N., 38

“I was struggling with joint pain, fatigue and terrible sleep. I didn’t even have energy to do the things that were fun to me. Within a few weeks of following the nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that Claudia gave me, I was sleeping better, having more energy and even started to enjoy eating vegetables!

With my new energy I asked Claudia to help me improve strength and mobility as I could barely get up from my chair or walk up and down the stairs without difficulty. Now, I am even lifting weights and often play with my grandchildren who now think I am the cool grandpa!” Albert, 71

“I never had any motivation to exercise until I followed a program with Claudia. She was very patient with me and showed me that exercise can also be fun. I feel so good that I can no longer live without exercise.” Stella, 42   

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