Mat Pilates Sessions – online or mobile

Experience the POWER of Pilates. Improve posture, strength, muscle tone, flexibility and mobility. Pilates is a mind-body discipline that teaches exercises as movements for full body integration. This will help you perform daily activities better, correct or prevent imbalances that can lead to injury, and become more body-aware and better coordinated.

During your initial assessment session, we will take a postural assessment, go over Pilates principles (i.e. correct breathing, pelvic placement) and personalise your exercise sequence to suit your goals and needs.

Private sessions
  • 45 minutes – $75
  • 1 hour – $85
  • Initial Assessment 1 hour – $90
Semi-private sessions
  • 45 minutes – $45
  • 1 hour – $55
Corporate sessions

Available for small to large groups. Get in touch for more information.

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