The Beauty of ‘Imperfect’ Produce

So called ‘imperfect produce’ contains the same nutrients as other more perfect looking ones, so what can be imperfect about it? Like with everything else in nature, produce comes in all shapes and sizes and expecting otherwise is a little nonsensical. We can be so conditioned to follow supermarket standards that we can forget to take into consideration that what should really matter is the nutrient content and how the produce was grown in the first place. Would you rather eat a perfectly glossy bright apple which has likely been laden with pesticides, or a less ‘pretty’ apple grown organically or spray-free? I think the answer is an easy one.

Supermarket aesthetic standards can be so absurdly strict that tons of perfectly edible produce get discarded all the time. It really makes no sense. So what can you do? Support your small local farmers, shop at farmers market, choose organic or spray-free as much as possible, or even grow some of your own fruits and veggies.

We grew these beautiful and cool looking carrots ourselves and harvesting the different shapes and sizes was pretty incredible and gratifying. Embrace and enjoy the humble perfectly perfect ‘imperfect’ produce 🙂

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